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Product Quantity Price Amount
CC-52-012 Hubs 3/4" 5 Bolt Update Delete108.00 108.00
CC-58-003 Cub Cadet Tiller Latch=Plate Update Delete70.00 70.00
CC-25-34B 3/4 HD Bearing Update Delete13.00 13.00
CC-52-010 Hubs 1" 5 Bolt Update Delete108.00 108.00
CC-58-002 Cub Cadet Tiller Gearbox Plate Update Delete130.00 130.00
CC-58-011 Cub Cadet Tiller Conversion Brackets Update Delete55.00 55.00
CC-25-10B 1" HD Bearings Update Delete15.00 15.00
CC-86-037 Tiller Adjustment Handle Update Delete38.00 38.00
CC-30-006 7/16 Course Lug Nuts Update Delete36.00 36.00
CC-58-001 Cub Cadet Tiller Kit Update Delete245.00 245.00
CC-58-010 Cub Cadet Tiller Lift Arms Update Delete60.00 60.00
CC-58-111 Tiller Guard Update Delete55.00 55.00
CC-52-011 Hubs 1" 4 Bolt Update Delete108.00 108.00
CC-86-032 Tiller Adjust Threaded Rod Update Delete11.00 11.00
CC-30-003 Wheel Stud Kit 2" Update Delete48.00 48.00
CC-32-001 Cub Cadet Front Attach Update Delete185.00 185.00
CC-30-004 Wheel Stud 1.5" Update Delete3.75 3.75
CC-30-002 Wheel Stud Kit 1.5" Update Delete48.00 48.00
CC-52-013 Hubs 3/4" 4 Bolt Update Delete108.00 108.00
CC-03-001 82 Series Cat 0 3 Point OEM Update Delete480.00 480.00
CC-81-510 3 Point Grader Blade 54 Update Delete320.00 320.00
CC-81-001 42 Sleeve Hitch Blade Update Delete185.00 185.00
CC-03-200 Narrow Frame Cat 0 3 Point Update Delete485.00 485.00
CC-40-001PL Dump Trailer Plain Update Delete1,695.00 1,695.00
CC-40-001 Dump Trailer Complete Update Delete1,995.00 1,995.00
CC-81-010 54 Sleeve Hitch Blade Update Delete205.00 205.00
CC-03-013 QL Series Cat 0 3 Point OEM Update Delete485.00 485.00
CC-42-001 3 Point Landscape Rake 42 Update Delete355.00 355.00
CC-03-101M 82 Series SGT Cat 0 3 Point Modified Update Delete480.00 480.00
CC-40-001PP Dump Trailer Painted Update Delete1,895.00 1,895.00
CC-42-010 3 Point Landscape Rake 54 Update Delete395.00 395.00
CC-03-101 82 Series SGT Cat 0 3 Point OEM Update Delete480.00 480.00
CC-40-001PR Dump Trailer Primed Update Delete1,795.00 1,795.00
CC-03-001M 82 Series Cat 0 3 Point Modified Update Delete480.00 480.00
CC-81-501 3 Point Grader Blade 42 Update Delete305.00 305.00
Carlisle-23x8.50-12 Update Delete120.00 120.00
Carlisle-26x12-12 Update Delete165.00 165.00
Vredestein-16x6.50-8 Update Delete78.00 78.00
Firestone-26x12-12 Update Delete215.00 215.00
Carlisle-6-12 Update Delete100.00 100.00
Carlisle-23x10.50-12 Update Delete145.00 145.00
Vredestein-18x8.50-8 Update Delete95.00 95.00
Firestone-23x10.50-12 Update Delete175.00 175.00
Firestone-23x8.50-12 Update Delete165.00 165.00
CC-67-002 Lift Rod 34.5" Update Delete24.00 24.00
CC-96-015 LIft Bracket Extender Update Delete26.00 26.00
CC-00-W09 Spark Plug Wire Update Delete17.00 17.00
CC-00-W02 70/100 Wiring Harness Update Delete85.00 85.00
CC-00-W04 1X8 Wiring Harness Update Delete85.00 85.00
CC-00-W06 Electric Lift Harness Update Delete28.00 28.00
CC-00-W01 Original Wiring Harness Update Delete55.00 55.00
CC-00-W05 Quietline Wiring Harness Update Delete115.00 115.00
CC-00-W07 Coil To Points Wire Update Delete20.00 20.00
CC-00-W03 1x7 Wiring Harness Update Delete85.00 85.00

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TOTAL 15,335.63

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