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EU-1 Foam Fin (W2888)

Price: 12.00

SS 120 Short Kit with Foam Wing

Price: 145.00

SS 120 Short Kit with Wood Wing

Price: 145.00

Ugly Stick 60 short kit with foam wing

Price: 120.00

Hammer 40 FUSE Short Kit ONLY for 2 piece wing

Price: 75.00

Hammer 40 2 piece wing with holes

Price: 45.00

EU-1 Fuse Short Kit (no foam)

Price: 125.00

Simitar ZipityDoDa Short Kit only

Price: 50.00

Simitar Wise Guy Short Kit only

Price: 50.00

Hammer 40 Short Kit 2 piece Foam Wing

Price: 120.00

EU-1 Foam Stab (W2887)

Price: 18.00

JU52 Foam Wing Only(W1663)

Price: 45.00

Simitar Tracer 40 Foam Wing only

Price: 30.00

Simitar Future Shock Foam Wing only

Price: 30.00

Ugly Stick 60 Balsa LE option

Price: 0.00

Canard Stick Short Kit no plans

Price: 105.00

Simitar Dagger Foam Wing only

Price: 35.00


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