Ron Wade Political Memorabilia

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Product Quantity Price Amount
FDR-42 FDR Red White and Blue litho photo button Update  Delete45.00 45.00
ID-46 I Win With Frank Church U.S. Senate political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
ID-6 Evans Gov. political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
FDR-11 FDR photo button Update  Delete55.00 55.00
TPw-2a Trump Election Night 6 inch photo button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
ID-28 George Hansen Cong. button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
ID-38 Mahoney 1938 U.S. Senate political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
K-6A Jackie Kennedy Memorial Card from JFK Assassination Update  Delete125.00 125.00
FDR-32 Carry On With FDR litho button Update  Delete30.00 30.00
M-21 Western White House Matchcover Update  Delete10.00 10.00
ID-7 It Can Be Done lapel pin Update  Delete10.00 10.00
TP-1 Santa What a Ticket Trump button Update  Delete5.00 5.00
RFK Memorial Card Set from Ethel Kennedy Update  Delete95.00 95.00
FDR-54 Roosevelt Humanity litho button Update  Delete16.00 16.00
2012-44 Briscoe-Barrick Boston Tea Party Photo 2.5 inch Button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
FDR-31 Carry on with Roosevelt photo button Update  Delete30.00 30.00
ID-33 Litho McClure U.S. Senate political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
TP-14 2.5 inch Trump-Pence elephant design photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
M-27 President Ford Matchbook Update  Delete10.00 10.00
M-11 AF-1 747 Presidential Matchbook Update  Delete12.00 12.00
TPw-4 - Donald Trump wins He Made Am. Great gain photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
TP-30 3 INCH Trump-Pence Tx. Strike Force button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Dallas assassination site for JFK rare souvenir piece Update  Delete250.00 250.00
ID-5 Litho Butch Otter Gov. political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
TP-24 2.5 INCH Trump-Pence and Convention logo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
JFK Austin Nov 22 1963 Invitation to Texas Welcome Dinner Update  Delete795.00 795.00
FDR-13 FDR litho button Update  Delete16.00 16.00
M-17 AF-1 Early Matchcover Update  Delete10.00 10.00
FDR-21a FDR for President enameled pin Update  Delete25.00 25.00
ID-8 LaRocco Local campaign political button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
M-20 AF-1 Green with dark seal Matchcover Update  Delete10.00 10.00
M- M-3 1st Lady Mamie Eisenhower Presidential Matchbook Update  Delete14.00 14.00
2006b-21 Butch Otter Idaho Gov. 2006 political oval button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
FDR-10 FDR 1.25 inch photo button with Ribbon and Japan donkey Update  Delete119.00 119.00

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TOTAL 1,792.45

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