Ron Wade Political Memorabilia

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Product Quantity Price Amount
George W. Bush Governor Inaugural Pennant Update  Delete25.00 25.00
Hill16-23 1.75 inch Hil Yes button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-12 2.5 inch Hillary Sacrifice button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-32 1.75 inch Clinton-Kaine word button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-13 2.5 inch Bitches for Hillary button Update  Delete5.00 5.00
Hill16-37 2.5 inch Clinton-Kaine New York words outline button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-38 Clinton-Kaine California in words outline button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-5 2.5 inch DNC Logo Clinton-Kane blue photo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-30 Clinton-Kaine Oval word button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-36 2.5 inch Clinton-Kaine Donkey in words outline button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-16 2.5 inch Hillary Old South button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-8 Santa What a Ticker Hillary button Update  Delete5.00 5.00
Hill16-11 2.5 inch We Made History Hillary button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-9 2.5 inch Bernie Forever Hillary 2016 button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-28 Clinton-Kaine Oval photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-31 6 inch Clinton-Kaine LGBTQ photo button Update  Delete10.00 10.00
Hill16-25 2.5 inch Clinton-Kaine blue background photo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-34 Clinton-Kaine U.S. Outline in words pink button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-33 3 inch Clinton-Kaine Making History button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-15 2.5 inch Latino Convention Hillary Photo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-3 2.5 inch Clinton-Kaine eagle top photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-21 3 inch Bill 1st Gentleman button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-10 2.5 inch CK logo white button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-27 2.5 inch Women for Clinton-Kaine photo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-29 2.5 inch Clinton-Kaine blue word button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-4 1.25 inch Clinton-Kaine jugate photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-7 2.5 inch Dem. Convention logo Philadelphia logo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-14 2.5 inch Latino Coalitino Convention button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-1 Kaine for VP Profile in Courage button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-20 1.75 inch Hillary-Kaine Stronger Together photo button Update  Delete4.00 4.00
Hill16-22 2.5 inch Women for Hillary Leaves design button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-35 Hillary in U.S. Outline in words purple button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-19 2.5 inch Votes for Women Hillary Photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-6 2.5 inch Dem. Convention Clinton-Kaine red background photo button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
Hill16-2 Kaine for VP Is The Man button Update  Delete4.50 4.50
TabB-4 Update  Delete5.00 5.00
TabB-5 Update  Delete7.00 7.00
TabH-4 Update  Delete5.00 5.00
TabB-2 Update  Delete5.00 5.00
TabB-8 Update  Delete5.00 5.00
TabB-6 Update  Delete7.00 7.00
TabB-3 Update  Delete5.00 5.00

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Shipping 4.95

TOTAL 222.45

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