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Ebony comb

Price: 19.00

Waterbuck hide

Price: 190.00

Brown soapstone egg

Price: 12.00

African Zebra bone necklace and bracelet

Price: 24.95

African tribal face walking stick

Price: 55.00

African tribal twisted cane

Price: 55.00

Cane of African people

Price: 65.00

African Spotted Opaline stone egg

Price: 12.00

African cane Elephant

Price: 59.00

African tusk cane

Price: 79.00

African buffalo head cane

Price: 59.00

Verdite stone egg

Price: 12.00

African wire Hippo

Price: 19.00

Ebony wood carved knife

Price: 29.00

Stone egg Magnesite

Price: 12.00

African wire Bufallo

Price: 17.00

Porcupine quill writing pen

Price: 19.00

African Nyami Nyami cane

Price: 125.00

Plain ostrich egg

Price: 25.00

African Elephant hair bracelet

Price: 25.00

A grade Burchell zebra hide (felt)

Price: 985.00

Wooden elephant bridge

Price: 49.00

African Bown Opaline stone egg

Price: 12.00

African porcupine quills

Price: 12.50

Guinea fowl stone egg

Price: 12.00

African natural cane

Price: 35.00

African Giraffe hair bracelet

Price: 20.00

African Elephant cane

Price: 55.00

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