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Hartebeest animal skin

Price: 170.00

Fallow deer hide

Price: 65.00

Blue wildebeest hide

Price: 160.00

Blesbok hide

Price: 65.00

Giraffe hide

Price: 1,950.00

Impala animal skin

Price: 59.00

Springbok animal skin

Price: 45.00

Springbuck horns mounted

Price: 69.00

Blesbok horns skull plate

Price: 49.00

Impala horns mounted

Price: 149.00

Blesbok skull/horn set Airmail

Price: 79.00

Springbuck horns skull plate

Price: 40.00

Springbuck skull and horns

Price: 59.00

Impala horns skull plate

Price: 59.00

Blue Wildebeest horns mounted

Price: 195.00

Blesbok horns mounted

Price: 89.00

Malachite stone bowl

Price: 69.00

Cheery mask

Price: 19.00

Shona shield mask

Price: 79.00

African Bamileke mask

Price: 220.00

Ostrich egg Big 5 black

Price: 49.00

Ostrich egg Big 5 1

Price: 49.00

Ostrich egg Big 5 2

Price: 49.00

ostrich egg big 5 (1)

Price: 49.00

Ostrich egg of big 5

Price: 49.00

African beaded ostrich egg

Price: 79.00

Ostrich egg of map of Africa

Price: 49.00

Ostrich egg world map 2

Price: 49.00

Beaded ostrich egg holder

Price: 14.95

Ostrich egg - big 5(2)

Price: 49.00

African wooden round ostrich egg holder

Price: 13.00

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Shipping: 720.75
TOTAL: 4,908.70